3 Tips for Handling Trucking Accidents as Easily as Possible

Most truck accidents are more than a small fender-bender. In fact, many cases involve serious or permanent injuries to the victim of the accident. After trucking accidents, a person will want to seek medical attention immediately even if they don’t feel the need to go to the emergency room directly from the accident scene. Once they have started to recover, they will want to speak with a lawyer about compensation.

Commercial Trucking Accident in Winter

The Cost of Trucking Accidents

Most of the time, when people think about the cost of trucking accidents they think about the medical bills a person will have. On top of this, the person will need to have their vehicle repaired or replaced. They may also need to take a significant time off work to recover or, if they suffer from serious injuries, may not be able to return to work again. All of these are costs of trucking accidents for which a person may be able to obtain compensation for.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

To obtain adequate compensation, a person will need to contact a lawyer for help. A lawyer who typically works on commercial trucking accidents will understand the unique needs of their client and will be able to help them obtain compensation for all accident-related expenses. It is important, however, for the person to choose the right lawyer. The person will want to work with a truck injury lawyer who has a significant amount of experience handling similar cases and who is willing to do whatever is necessary to help their client.

Paying for the Lawyer

Most people worry about how they’re going to pay for their lawyer. In most cases, a truck accident attorney works on a contingency basis. This means the legal costs are included in the cost of a truck accident that a person can obtain compensation for. The person will not have to pay the lawyer up front and may not have to pay anything if they don’t receive a settlement. If they do receive a settlement, the legal fees will be covered by part of it.

Anyone who has been injured in a truck accident can contact a lawyer for help. The lawyer understands what needs to be done to help a person recover financially from a truck accident injury and will do what they can to ensure the victim of the accident receives the compensation they’re entitled to.

3 Pieces of Information to Know when Charged with a DUI

When someone’s arrested for a DUI in Houston TX it is very serious. Although someone has the option to refuse a blood, breath or urine test after the arrest, there may still be a mandatory suspension of their license. Although there’s no evidence to pursue the case criminally and someone may receive a reduction or dismissal of the case, the licensing bureau could still suspend the license. This is the main reason to contact a Conroe DUI lawyer as soon as possible after being charged with a DUI.

Charged with a DUI in Houston

Things to Do if Charged with a DUI

As quickly as possible after being charged with a DUI, it’s important to write down as many details as you can remember. The location and time of the stop are important. The officer should state the reason why someone was pulled over. It’s important to write that reason down. Make a note of anything that was said to the officer regarding what was eaten or the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Document what type of tests were performed on the scene or at a hospital. Take the information to an attorney when you’re facing a DUI.

Social Media

If someone is charged with a DUI, they should mark their social media accounts private as soon as possible. Anything posted on social media can be used against someone in the court of law. If there are pictures from the night someone was arrested or incriminating posts, these could be part of the evidence used in a case to prove a DUI.

Negotiating a Plea Deal

Defending against a DUI in Houston TX could involve the negotiation of a plea deal. It is never recommended to negotiate alone. The knowledge and experience of an attorney could allow someone to plead guilty to a lesser offense. If there are several charges against someone, some of the charges could be dropped as part of the deal. Another option for a plea deal could involve limiting the fines attached to the DUI charge. A prosecutor does not have to offer someone a plea deal. They have the option to proceed to court with the case.

The main thing anyone should do after a DUI arrest is contact a Houston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.