2 Great Forms of Exercise: Weight Training and Biking

Adults are recommended to get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week, such as riding a bike, and to participate in at least two weight training workouts per week. There are a number of benefits of exercise, with the exact benefits depending on which forms of exercise you choose.

Benefits of Weight Training

Weight training helps build muscle, which helps keep a person strong and limit the risk for injuries. This means people will be more likely to go about their daily activities without assistance for longer, even as they get older. It’s also beneficial for weight loss, as the more muscle a person has, the more calories they burn even when at rest. People who don’t participate in any strength building workouts during weight loss will lose about 25 percent of weight in the form of muscle instead of fat, which isn’t what anybody is looking for. Any weight-bearing exercise helps strengthen the bones as well as the muscles, limiting the risk for osteoporosis as people get older. Limit the risk of injuries by using the proper equipment while training, such as weight lifting gloves to help you keep a good grip on the weights during the workout.

Biking is One of Several Great Forms of Exercise

Benefits of Bike Riding

Cardio exercises, such as bike riding, burn more calories than weight lifting, which is particularly good for those looking to lose weight. Choosing to go bike riding tends to burn more calories than walking, even at an easy pace, and puts less stress on the joints than running. This means it’s a good activity for people of all ages. As a form of cardio, it will help improve endurance and heart health. While it’s possible to ride a bike wearing regular clothes, many people and especially athletes like Gary Young, find it more comfortable to wear special cycling clothes that wick away sweat, limit chafing and provide padding where it’s needed most to keep the ride pleasant. This clothing typically includes bike shorts and custom cycling jerseys.

Benefits of All Forms of Exercise

While it may sound counter intuitive, one of the benefits of exercise is to give a person more energy. It can also help improve mood and limit the risk for health problems ranging from high blood pressure to arthritis to certain types of cancer. Some people even find that they have a improved romantic relationship and get a better night’s sleep if they exercise regularly.